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A city filled with places that can take you back in time, New Delhi is the captial of India that is a fascinating place offering a complete dose of history, heritage, tradition and culture on every single day!


A city in India's Uttar Pradesh, Agra is famous for The Taj Mahal. Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra also offers you to view many more UNESCO-listed monuments! Tour this World Heritage site with Private Driver India!


There are numerous reasons to visit the Royal state of Rajasthan! From the most famous wildlife sanctuaries to Deserts and Exotic Heritage Hotels, Rajasthan simply has it all!

About Us:

In India, a guest is a God. With that belief, the team of Private Driver India works 24/7 to provide our customers the best private driver tours in India.

Planning a private driver tour to India can be a daunting task, especially since this country has a majestic culture and is filled with marvels waiting to be expertly explored! Knowing where to go is literally half the planning done, & our drivers are experts at just that!

The drivers we have not only guide you in your journey to explore India, but they will also tailor make your journey exactly the way you want it to be! Also, all our drivers are experienced and speak good English, this ensures that you not just communicate with them but even form a friendly relationship with them. Along with this, our drivers are experts at communicating with the locals so be sure to experience some lovely interactions along the journey! Icing on the cake is the fact that we also organize small Group Package Tours!

We can make tailor made tours with flexible planning without any hidden agenda or can offer multiple alternatives from which you can make your choice! Also, Our list of tour packages includes single day packages, multiple days packages covering different historic and off beaten paths which will showcase the Indian life.

After your tour, you’ll leave India with beautiful memories for a lifetime and immense insights in India’s cultural and historical heritage you can share with family and friends.

Note: All Drivers are fully vaccinated.

With our dedicated services, traveling in numbers is not just easier; it’s a joyful and memorable experience. Whether you’re a band of explorers seeking the thrills of India’s diverse landscapes, a family looking to bond over shared cultural experiences, or friends on a quest for the perfect getaway, we cater to your spirit of togetherness.

Our fleet is equipped to handle any group size, ensuring comfort without compromising on the intimacy of your journey. Our drivers, knowledgeable in the rich tapestry of Indian locales, ensure that every member of your group is engaged, informed, and enthralled. From the moment you step off the plane to the instant you say your goodbyes, Private Driver India is there to ensure your journey is seamless, safe, and spectacular.

Join us, and let the stories of your group’s adventure be as captivating as the land you traverse. With Private Driver India, your group’s travel experience will be as unforgettable as the welcome you see in this image. Let’s journey together!

North India Rajasthan

Golden Triangle Tour By Private Driver India

We offer you a flexible and personal service so you can see India your own way. Below are a few of the private driver tours we offer – just for some inspiration!. All of our tours can be customised to suit your personal preferences, or request your own personal tour of India.

To get you going, here is the list of our Top 3 Bestselling Tour Packages:

  1. Golden Triangle India Tour
  2. North India Tour
  3. Rajasthan Tour

Private Driver India Tours:

Why Private Driver India?

Guidance Through Every Step

A Private Driver will be guiding you throughout the Journey!

India's Most Fascinating Sites

India offers some of the most breathtaking sights in the World. View all of that with us!

Savinder Kumar

Kumar would be there for you in case you need anyone to advice you at any step of your journey with Private Driver India!

Flexible Tour

That is customized to your needs and interests.

Savinder Kumar

Savinder Kumar is someone who has led countless people through the wonderful sights of India! He is a Private Driver in India who can speak in English & French and has been the go-to guy for any Golden triangle tour ever since he was 17 Years old!

Throughout the journey, Savinder Kumar is there to communicate with you at any point in the journey and he is also there over email of WhatsApp to answer your queries!

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